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Ms. benj madden....aka sugar

hey guys

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Mrs. Benjamin Madden

hey guys

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 well todays really been a shitty day.
first of all, i was suppose to take the mine and my moms cell phone with me to call my brother when i got done with my finals, well my mom decided to get pissy with me cause she said that she needed the cell just in case something happened while she was at work. well i got mad cause chris told me to call him at 11 to come and get me. well i told mom that if i had a cell phone for myself then this wouldnt happen. 
then when i got to school, my friend ricky had came up to me with his girlfriend, and then this slut that i cant stand came with them, i walked off. i wasnt about to get into a fight right before i had to take one of my finals. i just wanted to take those finals and get out of school. 
but when brandon got there i was a little better. i did say a little. 
well, first block was a little slow but i got through it. i took a couple of pics of my two friends: Jamar and Johnathan, and then we went to second. i didnt have to take the final for that class so i had to wait for everyone that had to take it to take the final so we could have our little party. I took a picture of coach bowling and coach highfield and a pic of me and ashley, ashley, lee, and chris newman. 
when we left from second to go to the buses or to go to the cars brandon walked me out and we just stood there talking til i saw my brother.
he walked me to the car and kissed me bye and i left.
well i thought i was going to go home, but my brother had to stop by the house to wash his hair, so we could go to the recroter's office to see his sargent for the airforce. 
i got to meet his sargent, and a cop that works there. when we got home i had to go outside in the cold to go clean my dogs water and give them fresh food. which didnt bother me ill do anything for my animals. even if i dont feel like it. 
after i froze my fingers off to give them fresh food and water, i went back in.
found that my mom was home, and told her that im tired of always having to share a cell phone with her and that im tired of dad always saying that he'll get me a cell but wont get me one cause im not in school. i told mom that i wasnt trying to bitch at her, im just tired of not being able to do anything without getting told that im still in school or toooo young. 
and thats pretty much that has happened. well now im stuck here bored as hell cause nikki doesnt wanna come over and hang out with me til after saturday night. 
which sucks. cause im bored. oh well its not like i havent been bored in my life before. well im gonna head off, just wanted to stop by and tell you guys hows everything going. hopefully my birthday wont suck. 
ps. i wish i was on my way to my fantasy world.
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